Stump Grinding

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Old and decaying stumps that are left behind from old tree removal projects can cause problems for your property if they are ignored. Stumps cut down on your property’s curb appeal, and they create tripping hazards for workers. Stumps can also harbor disease which can spread to healthy parts of your property, and they are known to house invasive pests as well. Fortunately, Veteran Tree Service offers local Florida property owners with an eco-friendly solution: stump grinding.

Turn Your Unwanted Stumps into Mulch

Impressive Service and Extensive Capabilities

At Veteran Tree Service, our team can offer stump grinding for just about every type and species of tree. Thanks to the knowledge and tools we have at our disposal, we can handle stump grinding jobs fairly quickly – and while we may not be the cheapest around, Veteran Tree Service promises to deliver exceptional work that eliminates stumps and leaves your property in prime condition. We can also prune roots or remove and grind unwanted roots from tree stumps that are in difficult-to-reach places. Our team can even remove driveway slabs to get to roots beneath the concrete. There’s nobody with greater capability than Veteran Tree Service!